HSL 2021 Scholarship

deadline: The Hartwell Service League's Scholarships for Senior Girls is March 31, 2021. Completed scholarship applications should be emailed to galedhulme@gmail.com and received no later than the end of the day on April 10th.


Students should check the Hart County High School website, Counselor's page under Scholarships for details on Honor's Night. Hartwell Service League looks forward to awarding $1,000 each scholarship to two deserving Senior Girls.


HCHS Female Senior that has been accepted to a two-year or four-year postsecondary institution or Technical College.

Minimum GPA:  87%



Hartwell Service League is a civic organization of Women Helping Women that endeavors to spread the spirit of fellowship and goodwill among all people in the community through our service and lending a helping hand to civic movements which will benefit our town and community. A significant number of the club’s projects focus on improving literacy in the community, as well as encouraging the continued learning by all members of our community.


How to Apply:

Submit completed application (page 2) via email to: galedhulme@gmail.com and received no later than end of day on April 10th. , along with the following supporting documents:

  1. Acceptance letter or other evidence to confirm admission to a college or technical school.  If student is not yet accepted this information will be required at the time the scholarship is awarded.

  2. High school transcript that also denotes GPA and class ranking.

  3. Two letters of recommendation written by Hart County High School faculty or staff members.  Each letter should be in a sealed envelope with the author’s signature across the flap of the sealed envelope.


Application Due Date:                                   Scholarship Amount:

APRIL 10th                                                       $1000 per recipient

2021 Scholarship.png